Sunday, 30 March 2014

Seventh Panel Meeting

The seventh Panel Meeting was held at 4.00pm on 26 March 2014.

Present at the Panel Meeting: Ivan Freeman, Lindsey Guy, Vidah Owusu, Julie Aitchison
In attendance: Chris Starkey

Julie Aitchison, team leader of Liverpool City Council's ward officers, was welcomed.

The Panel was advised that the 2013-14 funding was released a few weeks ago and that applications could now be considered for funding. In addition, the applications which were approved by the Sixth Panel Meeting would now be passed on to CDF.

There have been 3 applications to the Picton Panel.

1 Merseyside Street Dancing Theatre

The application was for a project to explore the history of break dancing in the local area. The Panel believed that this project would be an excellent way of engaging with the ward's young people. Recommended for funding.

2  Growing Granby

An application to support the development of a number of community gardens in the ward. The gardens already have active volunteer support and the Panel believed that the project had a good fit with the Priority. Recommended for funding.

3  Lawrence Road Community School

An application for resources and equipment to develop the school's off-site garden, engaging children and the wider community. Recommended for funding.